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In today’s competitive market, hotels need to stand out from the crowd. This blog explores creative promotional strategies for 2024, including personalization, loyalty programs, and strategic alliances. Discover how to create unforgettable guest experiences and drive bookings for your hotel!

Unveiling the No Hidden Fees Act! This article explores this landmark legislation aimed at ensuring lodging cost transparency for guests. Learn how it benefits both travelers and lodging businesses, and discover additional tips for promoting fee clarity in the hospitality industry.

Join John Monaghan, author of “The Real Estate Coaching Dude,” for a powerful workshop at the upcoming C.A.R.E. Conference on how to turn happy clients into raving fans for life.

If you want to increase revenue at your property (and who doesn’t), focusing on providing a satisfying guest experience can lead to positive online reviews, repeat business, and a brand reputation supporting continued growth.

The popular Daily Getaways program, the annual push to encourage travel around America, was given a weeklong preview this week by the U.S. Travel Association.