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We identify7 key elements of a service recovery strategy that prioritizes empathy and human connection allowing you to navigate challenging situations with compassion and understanding, ultimately strengthening your brand’s reputation and fostering lasting guest loyalty.

The travel insurance sector is booming fueled by increased consumer concerns for financial protection. By recognizing the importance of travel insurance and implementing strategies to promote its benefits, we look at how hospitality businesses can capitalize on this trend.

IHS President Rich Paliwoda reports favorably on his recent attendance at the Georgia Hotel Conference, part of the AHLA On The Road events series, as time well spent.

The hospitality industry thrives on engagement and that means mastering the art of social media and digital marketing. Here we explore the hottest marketing trends shaping the game.

Mobius VP, LLC®, a proud member of the Inside Hospitality Solutions (IHS) Provider Network, has been honored with a complaint-free award from the BBB Serving Central Indiana.